Who are Lure Fanatics?

Who are Lure Fanatics?

Lure Fanatics offer a large selection of branded fishing items and we have been operating from a well known fishing store in the UK for the past 30 years, and now we have decided to go it alone to provide lure anglers the attention and product selection they deserve. We have expert knowledge of quality branded products. We stock a vast range of products to choose from and stock a wide range of well known brands such as Savage Gear, ABU, Fox Rage, Spro, Penn, IKE, Ecogear, Gunki, Sakura, Rapala, Storm, VMC, Suffix and many others, whatever you need you can get it shipped direct to your doorstep.

We have 40,000+ customers who have purchased quality products from us before and have a long standing reputation for quality customer care while still offering some of the best pricing online, you can call or email us and we can answer any questions you may have.

With our easy to use currency changer you can see exactly how much your products will cost in your local currency, currently we offer prices in Euros, US Dollars and British Sterling, if you are shopping outside of the UK then your bank will automatically convert your local currency to British Sterling.

We also offer many sale items which are displayed on our website and also have a dedicated page, you can check this at any point in time via the Lure Fanatics website. Many of our customers revisit this page to see our new offers and get a steep discount on a branded item, we add new products regularly and aim to offer our customers great bargains.

If you have a friend or family member who is an avid fisherman then why not purchase a gift voucher for them, they are valid for a whole 12 months so would make an ideal Birthday or Christmas gift or even just to say thank you to someone, these gift vouchers are emailed and you can even choose a date to send them out on, this is the perfect gift because it's hassle free and you don't have to worry about buying the wrong product.

You may also want to browse our New Arrivals section, and specialist selection which displays all of our new in stock products, we get new products in stock frequently, some from established brands and some from newer brands that are just launching, we stock fresh products from the likes of Savage Gear, Spro and Fox Rage as well as many more.

We have 2 physical warehouses, one is based in Norfolk and the other in Nottingham so you can ensure healthy stock levels. Collectively we have been established online for over 15 years now and have a strong reputation, you may have seen us advertised on Google ad platforms or on a friends Facebook feed, our customers spread the word for us because we deliver, Lure Fanatics know what they are on about, its not just a trend for us, its been a lifestyle.

We have many products to suit all budget types, our selection is growing all the time as we add more branded products on a daily basis and also add new brands as we get them, so whatever brand you want to buy we aim to have it in stock for you, our equipment can be used in multiple locations like on a boat, from the beach and in the sea, reservoirs, canals and rivers.

We pride ourselves on helping our customers find whatever they need and our secure SSL certificate means you never have to worry about inputting your credit card details into our site when buying the latest gear for your fishing trip from Lure Fanatics, we take our user privacy and any information you give to us very seriously, our site conforms to the highest in security standards - you can read more our security by visiting the official Google web page about SSL and how to check a site is secure.

Lure Fishing Equipment

So whatever you need to make your fishing trip as successful as possible, Lure Fanatics assortment of Lure fishing equipment will give you a helping hand.

Our knowledgeable team will help you choose the right products; our aim is to save you time and money by offering a wide range of angling equipment in one place!

Included in the team are a 2 times British Champion, a European champion and a world record holder, alongside guys who have torn up the record books with their huge catches of pike.

Our online store is designed to help you through the ordering process alongside a wealth of knowledge and expert product selection, we have a saying at Lure Fanatics, we don't sell shit! 

Happy fishing!

Fishing tackle

Rods aside, fishing tackle is the forefront of what we do at Lure Fanatics.
We work alongside industry leaders and our very own recognised professionals to bring you the very best tackle to lure your catch!
Our fine selections of carp fishing tackle, coarse fishing tackle, fly fishing tackle and sea fishing tackle can be found online at our sister store Harris Sportsmail or Ebay store. 
We also offer a wide choice of heavy duty waders, nets, reels, carryalls and stabilisers to aid your angling activities and ensure you are as comfortable as possible.
Fishing Rods
Lure Fanatics is the UK’s #1 supplier of lure fishing tackle, fishing rods and quality fishing equipment.
Whether you are a Lure fisherman, bass lure angler, perch fisherman or prefer to spend your afternoon fly fishing, we stock all the best rods and accessories to guarantee you have a successful catch.
Our quality rods have been designed and manufactured by leading brands from the fishing and angling industry, including Fox, Shiamno, ABU IKE and SAVAGE GEAR.
So browse the full collection of boat fishing, shore, spinning, beach and carp rods, reels and accessories to receive FREE nationwide delivery when you spend over £45.
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