Ecogear Grass Minnow

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Size: Large 3½ inch
Color: #172 Wangan Orange
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I dont think we even need an introduction to the grass minnow but here goes!

One of the world’s best known soft plastics, available in a choice of colours. It’s famous for its unique swimming action and versatility. The ecogear grass minnow has accounted for a lot of big perch in the UK and won a lot of competitions.

The Grass Minnow’s shape gives it a unique wiggling swimming action, with its tail vibrating like the fin of a baitfish. This helps it imitate a variety of natural prey, including small fish and prawns.

This is a very versatile large lure, suited to a number of different fish, swims and rigs. The Grass Minnow can be fished on a jig head, split shot rig, drop shot or no sinker rig.

Wether its perch pike bass or zander you are after, the ecogear grass minnow doesn't differentiate! 

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