Ecogear Mebaru Shokunin Straw Tail

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Size: 2 inch
Color: #011 Solid Black
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The Ecogear Mebaru Shokunin MEBARU SHOKUNIN is a new line-up made specifically for the MEBARU (rockfish) angler or LRF fisherman. It includes 3 types of lures which are highly effective when targeting rockfish, "MINNOW SS", "STRAW TAIL GRUB" and STRAW TAIL GRUB SLIM". They can be used to imitate a wide range of bait, and can be swapped around to suit the fish activity level. The colour line up has been specially selected in collaboration with rockfish specialist anglers from all over Japan. Care has been taken to keep the lure on the hook, by using special non-salted material. MEBARU SHOKUNIN is a must have for the serious rockfish and LRF angler!

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