Fox Rage Critters

Size: 7cm 3g
Color: Pearl UV
Sale price£1.29


The Fox Rage Critter Lures are super soft and life like creature baits that have a huge amount of attraction!

These soft baits feature multiple appendages for maximum attraction including special shaped front legs. They are realistic looking crayfish imitations that are sure to really make the difference and give you that cutting edge on the waters!

Anglers can fish them on jig heads, weedlessly Texas style or however the fish want them presented. Additionally, there are hook slots for completely weedless rigging.

The Fox Rage Critter Lures are available in different colours and are sold individually.

Lure Fanatics Spec Sheet:

  • Realistic crayfish imitation lures
  • Maximum attraction including special shaped front legs
  • Hook slots for completely weedless rigging
  • Fish them on jig heads or weedlessly Texas style
  • Sold individually
  • Perfect for Perch where crayfish are present
  • Great Zander lures 
  • Chub love the Fox rage critter

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