Fox Rage Dropshot Brass Weights

Size: 7g Pack of 4
Sale price£4.49


Fox Rage Drop Shot Brass Weights come in 4 different weight sizes and are ideal for drop shotting and light river fishing, and lead free.

Being made of brass allows the weights to be smaller for their weight size which means you'll cause less disruption in the water and the brass construction also makes these weights more environmentally friendly.

These drop shot weights also have a little more flash in them and we have found this to be a great advantage when targetting big numbers of Perch

The Fox Rage Dropshot Brass Weights are long and slender in their design and this allows them to be steady when dropped in the water

Come in 4 different weight sizes: 5g, 7g, 10g, 12g.

Pack of 4 in 5g and 7g.
Pack of 3 in 10g and 12g.

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