Fox Rage Finesse Jig Head Pack of 3

Size: Size 1/0 - 5g
Sale price£2.99


The Fox Rage Finesse Jig Heads will be perfect for those times when a perch fishing approach is required for your jig fishing and you need a jig head to match your style!

These jig heads are perfect for delicate, finesse lure presentations. The hooks feature Arma Point technology for super sharp hooking to provide you with increased hooking capabilities. The fine wire helps hook penetration whilst implementing finesse lure fishing techniques.

The Fox Rage Finesse Jig Heads are supplied in packs of three and available in different sizes and weights for you to choose from in our drop down menu.

Lure Fanatics Spec Sheet:

  • Fine hook for finesse presentations 
  • Features Arma Point technology for super sharp hooking 
  • Perfect for delicate, finesse lure presentation 
  • Supplied in packs of three 
  • Available in different hook sizes and weightsPacks of 3
  • Great for Perch
  • Suitable for Zander
  • Perfect canal small river jig heads

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