Fox Rage Replicant Realistic Pike Shallow

Color: 25cm 118g
Size: Super Natural Hot Pike
Sale price£13.99


The fox replicant lures shouldn't really need a lot of introduction if you are an avid lure fisherman, time and time again these lures have caught big pike over the years and continue to do so in this guise. The pulling power of the Fox Rage Realistic Replicant Pike goes shallow, with the same action and fishing system as the brilliant Replicant Shallow.

Lure Fanatics Spec Sheet:

  • Two sizes; 20 and 25cm
  • Three colour options; Super Natural Pike, Super Natural Hot Pike, Super Natural Wounded Pike
  • Proven, enticing swimming action
  • Tuned for shallow working
  • Interchangeable body
  • Super resistant body material
  • Weighted harness detachable from body to save lure from damage and maximize hook holds
  • High-end hooks

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