Fox Rage Spikey Shad UV Mixed Colour Pack of 5

Size: 6cm UV Mixed Colours
Sale price£3.75


The Fox Rage Ultra UV Spikey Mixed Colour Pack feature new eye catching and vibrant reactive colours. With its various spikes, this lure produces micro vibrations which predator species will be unable to resist.

The original fox rage spikey shad was a firm favourite of Lure Fanatics up and down the country, there must have been millions of Perch caught on this lure, now its got better.

These lures are made from a soft rubber mixture that delivers a life like and natural movement. With the soft body and big paddle tail, this lure produces lots of action when twitched and the tail produces an enticing rocking, side-to-side motion.

There are small protruding spikes covering the body will trap air and kick out bubbles. They are very flexible for a natural, life like feeling and give you the opportunity to add long lasting bait pastes onto the lure. They will also produce lots of additional vibrations throughout the water!

The UV reactive colours will give heightened attraction and these lures are 9cm in length.

This Fox Rage Ultra UV Spikey Mixed Colour Pack contains 5 different coloured lures.

Lure Fanatics Spec Sheet:

  • Brilliant new UV reactive colours
  • Ultra soft body
  • Flexible Spikes all over body
  • Injection moulded
  • Natural movement
  • Micro vibrations produced by spikes
  • Big paddle tail
  • Great Perch Lure
  • 9cm length
  • Each pack contains 5 lures

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