Fox Rage Surefit 19 Strand Lure Trace Pack of 2

Size: 5kg - 30cm
Sale price£2.99


The Fox Rage Surefit 1 x 19 Strand Leader for predator lures. It is durable and strong and is pre-made so anglers can get their lure in the water and start fishing right away.

These leaders are made from one 19 strand steel wire that gives the leader a low and fine profile and ensure a high breaking strain and maximum durability.

There are breaking strains ranging from 5-16kg, making these leaders ideal for light lure fishing, right up to bigger baits for large predators.

The Fox Rage Surefit 1 x 19 Strand Leader feature Surefit snap links and there are 2 leaders supplied per pack.

Lure Fanatics Spec Sheet

  • 2 leaders per pack
  • 1 x19 steel strand wire
  • Strong and durable
  • Feature Surefit snap links
  • Great Pike traces
  • 5kg - 30cm
  • 8kg - 30cm
  • 12kg - 40cm
  • 18kg - 40cm2 Per pack

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