Gunki Hourra Craw Soft Plastic Lure Pack of 10 Free Postage

Size: 5cm
Color: Earth worm cinnamon
Sale price£3.95


This Gunki Hourra Craw lure is designed to be lightweight and effective even in the toughest conditions including muddy waters. Perfect for targeting Trout, Perch, Chub, and Zander, it is also a great choice for rock fishing in the UK for Wrasse. The claws are buoyant and create a vibration when retrieved, making it an ideal choice for jig heads, drop shots, and micro jigs. And thanks to its shellfish flavouring and size, it will be a sure-fire way to attract larger fish. Get your hands on one today and get ready for your next big Perch, Chub or Zander catch!

5cm - Pack of 10

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