Illex Cuprap Surface Lure

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Size: 9.7cm 21g
Color: Clear Bleak
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The Illex cuprap surface lure is a topwater legend. With the cuprap, you can't pass unnoticed. This topwater bait Type "crawler" has just catch the eye and titiller the nerves of our favorite Predators. Its oversized metal bib allows it to grow a lot of water and give it a chaloupé theater-goers while its propeller water through rock and roll of high crunch. The sound system consisting of Glass Marbles amplifies the warning signals sent by the lure in order to make it a priority target. It is embusqué in a herbarium, up on the bottom or going for a walk between two waters, the Predator that cross the road to the long cuprap will not remain indifferent to its devastating charm.

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