Mepps Aglia-E Brite Spinner/Lure Size 2-5 Chartreuse Red Pike Perch Trout

Size: Size 2 4.5g
Colour: Red
Sale price£4.49


The classic Mepps Aglia is now available with a brightly colored body. No other lure has caught as many record fish as the Mepps Aglia and the Aglia BRITE is sure to continue this tradition.

In addition to the classic Mepps French blade, every Mepps Aglia BRITE features a solid brass brightly-colored, high-visibility body with a durable, chip-resistant finish. There's also a BRITE strike-attractor bead and an extra-sharp VMC hook. Blades are either genuine silver plate or polished brass.

Sizes #0 and #1 are excellent for small perch, small trout, grayling and chub. Sizes #2 and #3 are outstanding for big perch, large trout, salmon chub and Pike.

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