Powerpro Braid Hi Vis Yellow

Size: 0.08mm 4kg
Color: 135m
Sale price£17.99


Power Pro HI VIS YELLOW Braided Fishing Line is one of the most popular braids we sell. Hi-Vis Yellow PowerPro is the ultimate combination of modern technology and good practice knowledge by anglers. Hi vis PowerPro is a ultra strong braided Spectra lines. Featuring round "Enhanced Body Technology also come with a super smooth, and sensitive fishing line. PowerPro is in every way stronger than the traditional monofilament line and can be many other braided lines in the shade. Note: Is delivered on a neutral empty reel. Features: – Coil Contents: 200 ft from the large reel to empty rolls in – Color: Hi-Vis Yellow – circular and compact braided – Melts not put on the roll, so can simply be – does not absorb water – Has a good force/ Diameter Ratio – superieure structure – Spectra fibre: is 10 times stronger than steel; can be easy to knot for zero stretch = no stretching – Very sleek and smooth surface – Glides easily through the rod rings This means greater casting distances – does not damage the rod rings. Is delivered on a neutral empty reel. Details for manufacturer: Power Pro Model: Hi-Vis Yellow Diameter: 0.15 mm Load capacity: 9 kg Colour: Hi-Vis Yellow Length: 200 m Lure Fanatics stock the full range of power pro.

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