Powerpro Braid Moss Green

Length: 275m
Size: 0.15mm 9kg
Sale price£32.99


PowerPro Moss Green Braid, The Moss Green Braid from PowerPro represents the meeting point between cutting edge fishing technology and good old fashioned fishing expertise. It’s well known that the smoother a line is, the greater its resistance to abrasion is and the longer it will last before wearing. PowerPro uses an ultra-strong braided Spectra Fibre as the base for this line and then employs Enhanced Body Technology to create an exceptionally round and smooth braid. One of the biggest downfalls of traditional braided line is its lack of abrasion resistance – this isn’t an issue with the PowerPro Moss Green Braid and it has an incredible longevity. This braid has almost no stretch and no memory, meaning it lies flat off the reel and doesn’t become warped with use. Not only this, but a lack of memory significantly reduces the chance of wind knots, backlashes, and guide and rod tip wrap-overs. This ensures that you can enjoy hassle free angling whether you’re aiming for distance casts or you’re fishing in the middle of your range. The smoothness of the braid combined with its warp resistance means that this PowerPro Braid has a fantastically high stamina compared to other braids on the market. This line also packs better on your reel than any traditional braid, so you won’t have to back this line up in order to ensure that it doesn’t slip or bury into the spool. This line moves effortlessly through guides thanks to its abrasion resistance, making it superb for longer casts. If you’re looking to target carp on the far margins then this is the perfect line for you. What’s more, because of its low stretch this is also an incredibly sensitive line, too, and it is highly responsive. This means that whether you’re playing fish at range or close to the bank, you’ll be able tell exactly what is going on under the water. It has feedback that you’ll have to feel to believe, too, and this is an excellent line to have to hand if you’re feature finding. If you’re an angler who likes to know whether you’re fishing on gravel, mud, or weed – and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to know this kind of vital information – then this is the perfect line for you. The braid offers and incredible strength to diameter ratio. It is simultaneously so fine that you’ll hardly feel any drag in the current, whilst also being strong enough to enable you to play the hardest fighting fish with confidence. The Moss Green colour is perfect at offering complete camouflage when you’re carp fishing in waters with heavy weeds and vegetation, or if you’re fishing in highly coloured waters after a heavy rain. From breaking strains of 3kg to 30kg, and line lengths of up to 275m, all in the Moss Green colour, there is a PowerPro Braid that will suit any angler. PowerPro are proud to say that this braid outperforms monofilament lines across the board and believes that once you try the PowerPro Braid you’ll never go back. If you’re looking for a fine and strong braid that is effective over long distances as it is at close range then this is the perfect mainline option for you. If you would like more assistance in choosing the correct braid length or breaking strain, just message us at Lure Fanatics we have over 30 years experience in supplying lure fishing products so there is always someone on hand to help you out when choosing your braid.

Lure Fanatics spec sheet: 

  • Near zero stretch
  • Won't bury in the spool
  • Picks up less water
  • Spools &packs better on any reel
  • No reel memory
  • Reduces wind knots, backlashes, guide &rod tip wrap overs
  • Ties more easily and holds knots better
  • Unbelievable strength-to-diameter ratio
  • Smoother, slicker &will not cut guides
  • Sails effortlessly through guides for longer casts
  • Resists abrasion by equipment or natural hazards
  • Maintains performance over time

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