Salmo Bullhead Ultralight Lure Free Postage

Density: Floating
Colour: Hot Bullhead
Sale price£8.49


The secret of the Salmo Bullhead is the near perfect representation of the real thing, body shape, colour and lifelike swimming action in the water. Without doubt this is a lure the perch, chub and trout lure angler will not want to be without!

In our opinion Salmo Bullhead is the best lure available for impersonating this important food source for perch, chub and trout in streams and rivers.

Available in floating and sinking models to suit any situation.

Bullhead Floating
Weight: 3g
Diving Depth: 0,5-1,0m
Size: 4.5cm

Bullhead Sinking
Weight: 5g
Diving Depth: 1,0-2,0m
Size: 4.5cm

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