Salmo Hornet Floating Crankbait

Size: 9cm 36g - Green Tiger
Sale price£13.99


Created in cooperation with some of the best catfish hunters in Europe, the HORNET 9 has quickly proved to be a worthy addition to the Salmo family!

Like it should be for a lure designed for monsters, HORNET 9 can take on even the largest of the catfish. This lure is perfect for both casting and trolling. The strong vibrations on the rod tip make it very easy to observe and control this crankbait even if it is being trolled 50m behind the boat.

Pike are another species that will find this great lure hard to resist!

Weight: 36g 1-1/4oz
Diving Depth: 3,5/5m - 12/16ft
Size: 9cm - 3 1/2"

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