Salmo Slider Sinking Jerkbait

Size: 10cm 46g
Color: Bright Perch
Sale price£12.99


The Salmo Slider is a jerkbait known as a glidebait. Since its introduction in 2002 it continues to be absolute top-selling bait. The unique shape and action of the Slider has made it not only one of the greats, but the most copied lure on European market today.

How do I fish the Slider lure fanatics? 

Well, Usually the Slider is fished with a regular series of rod strokes while retrieving the quickly, the rod strokes should be quite energetic and fast. Before fishing proper you should always make a few casts and practise retrieves in clear water to watch the Slider’s behaviour and get your timing right, when you do the Slider will turn acutely from side to side, each turn at a right angle to the direction of retrieve.

The Slider is available in 5, 7 and 10 cm sizes in a sinking version.

The tiny 5cm Slider is the smallest 'glidebait' in mass production anywhere in the world.

This fantastic lures are Through-wire construction and are individually hand tuned & tank tested, complete with premium black nickel VMC hooks.

The 5cm model weighs 8g and will dive to 1m whilst spinning or 0.5m whilst trolling.

One lure supplied per pack. Lure Fanatics stock the whole range of the Salmo lures.

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