Salmo Slider Stick Cast Lure Rod

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Size: 180cm 40-100g - 1 Section
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The Salmo Slider stick cast rod is part of the new range from the originators of the Slider lure, Salmo now distributed by Fox and Lure Fanatics. Salmo has taken strides to deliver the perfect hard bait experience with a brand-new range of rods specifically designed to work our lures.

The Salmo Slider rod in our opinion is a mouth-full of a name but is a great rod if you are looking to fish for big Pike with lure like the legendary Slider. Also suitable for large soft plastic lures like fox rage replicants, Rapala Petos etc. All in all we think this is a major contender for big pike rod of the year.

Lure Fanatics Spec Sheet:

  • Rod action specifically designed to work Salmo Slider lures as well as other large Salmo models such as the Sweeper and Fatso
  • 180cm, 40-100g casting weight
  • Features high-quality K Guides and Fuji reel seats
  • 30T carbon blanks
  • Highly-attractive finish
  • Lure Fanatics stock all of the Salmo rod range.

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