Savage Gear 3D Roach Shine Glider PHP Jerkbait

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Size: 13.5cm 29g
Color: Firetiger PHP
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As with all of the Savage gear 3D range, this 3D roach shine glider is a superb detailed baitfish imitation, designed for stop and go retrieve, with the liveliest and provoking swimming action. The Restricted tail joint and PVC tail – give a great bounce and kick in the water – simply too much for big pike or Zander to resist. Great for trolling as well at slow speeds with an electric motor or under tickover the Savage gear 3D roach shine glider gives off a great roll and side flash even at slow speed! Mounted with Ultra Sharp Savage Gear Y-Trebles. PHP colors on our Shine Glider. Our new Photo Print technique, combined with airbrush details, makes the already super 3D Lures even better and with details and effects, that will lure even the most vary predator fish to attack!

Lure Fanatics tech sheet.

• 3D Scanned details

• Restricted Kicking V-joint

• Slow floating for Stop and Go action

• Great rolling action

• Medium diving depth 1-2,5m

• Big Speed Window

•Ultra Sharp Savage Gear Y-Trebles

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