Savage Gear 3D Soft Line Thru Sandeel Saltwater Lure

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Size: 12.5cm 20g - Sandeel Ghost
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Based on a scan of a real sandeel with incredibly lifelike details, this lure swims with a seducing s-curve action with the head slightly up. On the stop, the lure flutters and rolls backwards triggering very hard strikes from predators. A key feature of this lure is the inner hard alloy core with removable glass rattle at the back – this makes the lure cast a mile and gives it great grip in the water. Supplied with both GPS single hook and SGY-treble hook.

  • Two UV orange and two UV red soft bead
  • Two hard beads
  • Ring rigged SGY-treble hook #5
  • GPS single hook #1/0

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