Savage Gear 4D Real Eel Lure

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Size: 30cm 80g
Color: Firetiger
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The Savage gear 4D real eel is the iconic Real Eel lure, now it comes in amazing 4D colours with Lamprey skin print and added strike triggering scent. The lure swims with a big lively curl tail kicking action – both on steady retrieve and the drop, tricking brutal attacks from predator fish.

If you are fishing low and slow for Pike in big waters, this will defintley be a worthy addition to your lure collection. 

Lure Fanatics tech sheet

• 3D Scanned details• Superb for casting, vertical fishing and trolling• Integrated non-lead harness with built-in steel rattle• Strike triggering scented PHP colors• Tournament J-hook and removable Y-treble

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