Savage Gear 4D River Roach Loose Body Lure

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Size: 22cm 125g
Color: Green Silver UV
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This is the upgrade of 2020 and one we have been waiting for a Lure fanatics. The 4D river roach is the perfect 4D Scan of a Roach! As a follow-up on the very successful line Thru roach, Savage Gear hss created this more slender river roach with a perfect T-style paddle tail. The lure will swim and kick even at slow speed, with a perfect nervous flanking action – irresistible for big pike! The lure has a Gat pellet slot and a tail rattle slot! The LB lure is perfected for use with corkscrew rigs and the new corkscrew release rig! 

Available in a loose body so you can rig them however you like. 

If you Lure fish on rivers in the UK for pike or Zander then you need this in your life. Don't discount the smaller versions if you are fishing for big perch.

  • 3D Scanned Details
  • Super kicking and flanking action
  • Gat pellet slot
  • Strike triggering scent

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