Savage Gear 4Play V2 Swim & Jerk Lure

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Size: 13.5cm 20g
Color: Perch
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The Savage Gear 4Play V2 Swim and jerk Lure is a hard jointed lure with an erratic rolling and flashing action that pike won't be able to resist! I have lost count of the amount of pike the boys at Lure fanatics have had on these lures.

These lures have a 4 part body with 3 jointed sections and have a solid ABS hard body. The tail is made from semi-soft PVC and delivers a highly natural action when swimming through the water and can be fished in a number of ways.

The exclusion of the lip make you impart all of the action, allowing the lure to create a seductive S curve motion with a provoking noise for stop and go.

The photo chrome colours help the lure achieve a realistic aesthetic and creates a reflective flash under the water. Each lure is fitted with ultra strong Savage Gear tournament trebles.

The Savage Gear 4Play V2 swim and jerk Lure is available in various colours that you can select using our drop-down menu and there is 1 lure provided per pack.

Lure fanatics tech sheet: 

  • Ultra-realistic
  • Photo-chrome colours
  • Perfect details
  • 3 joints, 4 parts
  • Semi-soft PVC tail
  • Hard ABS body
  • No lip model jerkbait

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