Savage Gear Carbon 49 Corkscrew Stinger Pack of 2

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Size: Single Size 2/0 31kg
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The Savage Gear Carbon 49 Corkscrew Stinger creates a perfect modern lure presentation, ideal for using on larger soft lures and shads, like the 4D loose body.

Easy to use the savage gear mounts allow you to transform and soft plastic set up.

These stingers are mounted onto corkscrews which you gently screw into the front nose of your soft shad or lure. Once screwed in, mount the split ring onto the end of the corkscrew and you can then place both treble hooks along the belly of the lure.

You can also have one treble hook in the belly of the lure and one out, allowing you to use bait spikes if desired. There is a strong Carbon 49 coated, stainless steel wire provided that is a dark, gun smoke colour. There is also a Blood 49 wire provided which is made from stainless steel, coated with strong carbon co-polymer and is a blood red colour.

Each Savage Gear Carbon 49 Corkscrew Stinger is fitted with super sharp Savage Gear Y trebles and are available in different hook sizes. There are two stingers supplied per pack.

Lure fanatics tech sheet: 

  • Perfect Corkscrew stingers
  • Popular for spinning with big shads
  • Easy to use and mount to soft lures
  • 1 x Carbon 49 coated, stainless steel wire, gunsmoke colour
  • 1 x Blood 49 stainless steel wire, coated with strong carbon co-polymer, blood red colour
  • Fitted with super sharp, Savage Gear Y trebles
  • 2 stingers per pack

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