Savage Gear Carbon 49 Strand Stinger Pack of 3

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Size: #4 7.5cm 13kg
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The Savage Gear Carbon 49 Corkscrew Stinger creates a perfect modern lure presentation, and essential when fishing deep waters like Grafham and Rutland whilst fishing for Zander. These ready made stingers ideal for using on larger soft lures and shads. These stingers are mounted onto corkscrews which you gently screw into the front nose of your soft shad or lure.

Lure Fanatics Spec Sheet:

  • Perfect Corkscrew stingers
  • Superb for Zander fishing
  • Popular for spinning with big shads
  • Easy to use and mount to soft lures
  • 1 x Carbon 49 coated, stainless steel wire, gunsmoke colour
  • 1 x Blood 49 stainless steel wire, coated with strong carbon co-polymer, blood red colour
  • Fitted with super sharp, Savage Gear Y trebles
  • 2 stingers per pack

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