Savage Gear Double Barrel Crimp Pack of 50

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Size: XL 10mm ⌀ 1.5mm
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The Savage Gear Double Barrel Crimps are used when making traces for predator and saltwater fishing and can be used for crimping wire, mono or soft fluorocarbon.

To use the double barrel crimps, simply pass your monofilament through 1 barrel and then loop and take it back through the other barrel to form a loop. Adjust the size of your loop as desired and use pliers to crimp.

Then rotate the barrel 90 degrees so it is on its side and put it on the flat part of the pliers jaw. The fold the double barrel crimp to fold flat together.

The Savage Gear Double Barrel Crimps are black in colour and there are 50 crimps supplied per pack. They are available in three different diameters, Medium: 1mm, Large: 1.2mm and X Large: 1.5mm.

Lure Fanatics Spec Sheet: 

  • Perfect for making traces with mono
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Perfect for crimping wire, mono or soft fluorocarbon
  • 50 pieces per pack
  • M - 1mm diameter, 8mm length
  • L - 1.2mm diameter, 8mm length
  • XL - 1.5mm diameter, 10mm length

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