Savage Gear Ned Craw Floating Lure Pack of 4

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Color: 6.5cm 2.5g - Black & Red
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NED CRAW Designed to mimic the small crawfish that bass feed on in cold climates, the Savage Gear NED Craw is the most realistic crawfish-imitation NED bait on the planet. We’ve infused this craw with salt to fine-tune the buoyancy of our Duratech material, delivering amazingly lifelike action of a crawfish assuming a defensive position.

  • Hyper-realistic 2.5” Crawfish profile
  • Custom duratech formulation for lifelike feel and durability
  • Salt infused for ideal buoyancy
  • Scent infused to trigger feeding and aggression
  • Designed to be fished on savage ned heads

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