Savage Gear Needle Eggsnap

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The Savage Gear Needle Eggsnaps, part of the Savage Gear last metre range have a perfectly shaped structure and design that makes them great for using on jerkbaits, swimbaits and jig head lures.

If you need to change light lures a lot, these eggsnaps make the job a lot easier for you, and they are very reliable, every lure angler needs a pack of these in the box or bag.

These egg snaps are made from stainless steel spring which makes them highly durable and incredibly strong. They are a reliable and quick way to attach your lures to your rigs or traces.

The Savage Gear Needle Eggsnaps are available in four different sizes to cover a variety of fishing methods and each size is supplied with 50 eggsnaps per pack.Packs of 20

Lure Fanatics Spec Sheet: 

  • Perfect shape and design for jerkbaits, swimbaits, jiggheads
  • Strong stainless spring steel
  • Great for attaching your lures
  • 20 pieces per pack

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