Savage Gear Sandeel V2 Spare Tail Pack of 5

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Size: 12.5cm 15g
Color: Lemon Back
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Be prepared! Keep your tackle box fully stocked with spare tails to cover every eventuality. These spare tails feature all of the action and realism associated with this great lure.

The Savage Gear Sandeel V2 features the superb kicking action on both the retrieve and the pause that has made this range famous. As with the real sandeel this lure doesn’t come in like a stick, it rolls, rises falls, just like the real thing, if there is a Bass around he is going to have this lure! Available in a great range of realistic colours, a must for every serious Bass angler.

Made for the 12cm/4.75" 14cm/5.5" and 15.5cm/6" versions Savage Sandeel V2.

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