Savage Gear Savage Minnow Saltwater Lure

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Size: 10cm 20g
Color: Lemon Back
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Bass cannot resist this, simple as. With a huge paddle action both on the retrieve and the fall this lure can be fished anywhere. Savage Gear have used there ultra realistic technology once again and provided us lure anglers with a go anywhere throw anywhere bass lure that catches anything within casting range. Paired with a unique jighead the Savage Gear Savage Minnow rises slightly on a standard retrieve and sits head down and tail up on the bottom just waiting for a strike, this lure is so easy to fish. This lure also contains a pro peg holder so you can ensure the lure stays in place no matter how aggressive the strike from a bass is! The ultra soft PVC body comes pre rigged with a glass rattle inside this gives this lure an even more enticing sound, alerting any bass within yards to come and have a look, a truly remarkable lure that is set to take the bass fishing scene by storm.

  • Glass rattle included
  • Features Pro peg holes
  • Ultra soft PVC body
  • Unique bass enticing movement
  • Super sharp hooks
  • Perfect Bass lure
  • Replacement tails are also available

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