Savage Gear Savage Minnow Weedless Saltwater Lure

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Size: 10cm 16g
Color: Khaki
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One bass lure that has received more attention than any other this year is the weedless version of the excellent Savage Gear Minnow. Again the guys at Savage have ensured the material is perfect for a large kicking action both on the drop and the retrieve. One of the most realistic baitfish imitations in a range of colours you really can match the hatch and use a colour that suits the baitfish, either sandeel Mackerel or smaller fish. Another great feature is the stand up jig head allowing you to almost let it sink and stay moving enticingly on the bottom whilst remaining weed free. One of the easiest lures to fish, because of its weedless design you can fish it enticingly close the the rocks and weed exactly where the big bass lie in wait.

10cm/4" & 12.5cm/5". Replacement tails are also available.

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