Savage Gear Semi Soft Fluorocarbon LRF

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Size: 0.14mm 2.64lb/1.20kg - 30m
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Designed specifically for LRF fishing and all of the rigours that comes with it, like snags, ropes, jetties and rocks this stuff is tough. A 100% Fluorocarbon in diameters perfect for Light Rock fishing it allows you to gain perfect presentation whilst fishing light jigheads, drop shot or the split shot rig. Tough enough to keep you connected yet supple enough to read bites, what’s not to like about the new LRF fluorocarbon from Savage gear.
  • Supplied in 30M spools
  • See through clear colour
  • 100% Fluro
  • High Knot strength
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Perfect LRF line (a version for seabass fishing is also available)

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