Savage Gear Slap Walker Saltwater Lure

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Size: 13.5cm 26g - Blue Flash
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The Savage gear SLAP WALKER does just that! A superb Bass and topwater lure that just screams eat me!  There are several key parameters that make a topwater lure special and the Slap Walker has got them all, and then some. The most striking characteristic is the dimpled, golf ball-style surface of the lure, which has multiple benefits: it helps reduce drag in the air to improve castability, it helps boost reflection of light in more directions, and the dimples trap air that gets released as small bubbles when underwater. The flat face of the lure slaps the surface when fished walk-the-dog style or skipping style – this can be heard better by predators thanks to the lures very discreet rattling. An innovative lure that will catch you plenty of bass in the UK any other seabass,, bluefish, mahi mahi, barracuda and other topwater predators.

  • Dimpled surface
  • Ultra-long cast design
  • Strong splash walk-the-dog and skip action
  • Built-in rattle
  • Super-sharp and strong saltwater treble hooks

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