Savage Gear Weedless EWG Hook

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Size: 8/0 4g - Pack of 3
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Savage Gear's Weedless EWG hooks are strong, super-sharp hooks meant for large pike lures. The offset hooks are excellently suited for use within weeds and aquatic plants. The sensitive spinner below the hook provides added attraction and the weight attached to the shaft ensures that the lure swims the right way up.

Lure Fanatics Spec Sheet: 

  • Extreme wide gape single hooks
  • Cork screw, belly weight and underspin Blade
  • Perfect for weedless rigging Real eels, and numerous shads
  • Belly weight balances the loose body lures perfect
  • Underspin blade rotates and send out flash
  • Long, strong cork screw will hold your soft lure in place
  • Will make the rig last for many headshaking hookups
  • Features ultra-sharp wide gape hooks
  • Fish straight thru snags reeds and lily pads

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