Spro Round Jig Head HD 90 Special Jig Pack of 2

Size: 10/0 25g - Pack of 2
Sale price£3.70


The Spro HD jig heads are Spro's heavy duty version of their standard round jig heads, feature Gamakatsu jig 90 heavy wire hooks and wire keepers to hold the soft bait in place. These Spro HD round jigheads from Lure Fanatics are based on the classic design of the Spro round jigheads but built on the heavy duty Gamakatsu jig 90 hook for big fish on big lures.

Ideal for bigger softbaits and soft plastic shads when fishing for pike, and Zander. The Spro HD jig heads are also suitable for saltwater use.

Lure Fanatics stock the largest selection of Spro Jig heads, if we havent got it just ask. 

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