Storm 360 Biscay Sandeel Saltwater Lure

Size: 17cm 50g - MU Mullet
Sale price£10.99


The Storm 360 GT Coastal Biscay Sandeel from Lure Fanatics is designed for big bass and pollack when long casting from either boat or shore. The fixed jig head has a tapered design which helps to cut through the wind and the slim body also cuts down on drag. Once in the water the lures profile is similar to a wide range of bait fish and paddle tail gives a realistic action and incredible vibration, even at low speeds. The natural finish adds to the appeal and helps to make this lure a valued addition to your lure box

The lure works well with a steady retrieve and the swim depth can be varied by how long you let it sink, rod angle and speed of retrieve. This allows you to fish anywhere from just below the surface to bumping across the seabed. The tail works even on the drop so in deeper water pausing or dropping the rod tip can induce a take, either as the lure is falling or when you restart your retrieve.

An additional chin eyelet gives the option of adding an assist hook or blade.

2 Fully rigged lures per pack

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