Storm Gomoku Crankbait Shallow Lure

Colour: Clear Pink
Size: 4cm 5g
Sale price£8.95


This Storm crankbait is going to catch a lot of fish this year. The Storm Gomoku crank is designed to run at just under 2 feet deep, perfect for the summer months for chub fishing with lures or the autumn when big perch are chasing fry.
Supplied with VMC quality hooks and featuring a great little rattle system internally, there are not many fish that could refuse this lure.

Whether you are fishing Canals, Rivers or still-waters the long casting ability and real tight wiggle movement make this lure one of the best fish catchers on the market today. Several big chub and perch have been caught using the Gomoku crankbait and we can see many more hitting the net soon, let's hope its yours!

  • A more shallow diving version of Gomoku Crank
  • Developed with the non-predatory FW species in mind
  • High buoyancy & reverse floating on pause
  • Super long casting for its small size
  • High pitch tail kicking action
  • Multi-ball rattle system for added attraction
  • VMC black nickel plated hooks
  • Swimming depth 0.6m or 2ft


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