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Think you have fished the Ned rig? Well you haven't until you have tried this new KVD ocho bait that makes big perch fishing easy using the NED. In a choice of colours, this 9-pack of soft lures is part of Strike King’s Perfect Plastic range, making them all soft, salty and infused with a Coffee Scent for extra attraction. The 8-sided design gives it better movement and flashes of light while it sits up in a Ned rig.

Why are these ned rig lures the perfect plastics? Because this lure is part of the Perfect Plastics range, it’s made with an exclusive blend of ingredients, resulting in the softest and saltiest plastic ever. Perfect Plastics also use an exclusive Coffee Scent technology which helps mask human scent and oils, attracting fish to bite.

This lure is built for Bites The lifelike feel of the soft body, combined with the taste of the extra salt, causes fish to hold on longer. This soft texture is more flexible for better action and enables better hook penetration for a higher hook-up ratio.

One thing this lure has going for it that stands out is the shape of the Ned Ocho makes it irresistible to fish. With 8 flat sides, this lure delivers unique movement and flash attraction. The multi-notched finish offers increased movement and bubble release, perch cannot resist this.

KVD-Approved. All of the KVD lures are designed to the specifications of Kevin VanDam, the all-time money winner in professional bass fishing. Like many KVD lures, the Ned Ocho has no internal rattle, favouring a silent approach. It works on bass it can work on perch we are sure of it. 

The Ocho is Ned Rig-Ready. Designed specifically for Ned rigs, using Ned jig heads with this buoyant lure creates a stand-up presentation. This makes the lure sit up vertically as you work it across the bottom.


  • Perfect Plastics KVD lure
  • Soft and salty for longer bites and better hook-ups
  • Coffee Scent infusion to mask human scent
  • 8 flat, smoothed sides for movement and flash attraction
  • Multi-notched finish for bubble release
  • Ideal for Ned rigs
  • Pack of 9
  • 6.5cm (2.75”)
  • NED rig ready 
  • Check out the rest of the NED rig products at Lure Fanatics 

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