Strike King Rage Ned Bug Floating Lure Pack Of 9

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Color: Bama Craw
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This Ned rig finesse lure – in a variety of colours – is perfect for Ned rigs. Small but lively, it’s designed for superb max attraction thanks to the splash, noise, action and use of Strike King’s exclusive Coffee Scent, and who knew that perch love coffee? 
The Ned claw design delivers effective attraction on drop and the retrieve, even at low speed, all with an unbelievable splash, noise and action, just the recipe for perch.

The NED rig range by Strike King has infused the Rage Ned Bug with an exclusive Coffee Scent technology which helps mask human scent and oils, attracting fish to bite. As with all Strike king Ned lures this one is built from customised high-grade plastics for superior action and durability, the Rage Ned Bug has a ribbed body design for added attraction. One major fish catching feature is that catch Strike King Rage Tail lure has a unique and exclusive tail design, delivering huge attraction with its high flicker rate as the lure’s hopped across the bottom.
Ned Rig-Ready Designed specifically for Ned rigs, using Ned jig heads with this buoyant lure creates a stand-up presentation. This makes the lure sit up vertically as you work it across the bottom.

Lure Fanatics spec: 
  • Finesse lure with claws
  • Unique tail with high flicker rate
  • Great splash, noise and action
  • Coffee Scent infusion to mask human scent
  • High-grade plastic ribbed body
  • Designed for Ned rigs
  • Pack of 9
  • 6.5cm (2.5”)

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