Strike King Rage Swimmer Lure Pack Of 7

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Color: Ghost Shad
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This 7-pack of soft lures is designed to provoke an immediate reaction thanks to the natural appearance and frantic action. The Rage Swimmer is durable and versatile, suitable for many rig set-ups.
With a ribbed body, a paddle tail and a sleek nose cone, the Rage Swimmer was moulded to replicate the contours found in nature. There is no doubt the main features on this very successful pattern of lure is its great action. Strike Kings Rage Swimmer’s thin, pancake-like tail pumps out frantic vibrations at any speed, moving a lot of water with an enticing swimming action.
This lure is so easy to fish, and can be fished in so many ways, you can put this lure on a standard jighead, nose-hook it on a dropshot rig or trail it behind a spinnerbait. It’s designed for perch, but deadly on all other predators, including zander and pike.

To get the most out of this lure you should take your time getting the jighead to depth balance right. Balance the weight of jig head and the depth of water to maximise the amount of time your paddle tail hangs in the water - not too heavy, not too light.

Not only is this lure a proven fish catcher, it represents great value too. Sold In a pack of 7, these lures are very durable. You can re-cast the Rage Swimmers a lot more than you can with most other lures. All this means you get full bang for your buck.

Lure Fantatics spec sheet

  • Durable, lifelike imitation lure
  • Ribbed body
  • Sleek nose cone
  • Frantic tail
  • Pack of 7
  • 9.5cm (3.75”)
  • Great for perch on a jig head
  • Perfect Dropshot lure for Zander
  • Check out the rest of the range from Lure Fanatics and Strike King

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