Westin Babybite Sr Crankbait Floating Lure

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Color: Clear Brown Craw
Size: 6.5cm 12g
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The babybite is a perfect bite size meal for perch pike and bass, even a big hungry chub has been known to have a bite out of this baby. Both shallow runner (SR) and deep runner (DR) versions of Baby Bite have very tight swimming actions with just enough craziness to attract even the weariest of hungry predators. The well-tested, low density of the lure means that it stays in the right strike zone longer when you perform a spin-stop retrieve, however it is equally effective with a straight retrieve. This cute little lure will cause chaos as soon as it hits the water – in fact, any predator swimming in the vicinity will come and have a look at it thanks to its tight wiggle and noise. There are a few anglers that will say that fishing is just too easy with Baby Bite! 


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