Westin Magic Minnow Jig Lure

Color: Sparkling Chartreuse
Size: 10cm 12g
Sale price£7.99


The Westin Magic Minnow Jig can be fished from anywhere it seems, rocks, weed-beds, ultra snaggy canals in fact anywhere a fish lives you can use it! You can fish it on a fast, slow, or a steady retrieve or jig it. The Westin Magic Minnow Jig has a weedless design and great action in all speeds. The super soft body of the Westin Magic Minnow Jig gives the lure a lifelike and natural swimming action with lots of vibration. The unique rigging system is fast and easy – you can change the body in seconds. Its not a greatly kept secret that this lure has been catching a lot of fish along the UKs coastlines with Bass and big Wrasse the main targets, this lure can be fished in any situation. 

Rigging up this lure couldn't be any easier. You simply press the soft body onto the jig head, mount the hook on the head with a firm grip so it “clicks”, insert the hook through the vertical hole and let it rest in the hook slot of the back, apply one drop of super glue, press together and you're Ready to go. All you need to do is throw it out, don't worry a big fish will bring it back! This lure made it into the Lure fanatics top ten.  

  • Lead head, soft body optimized super soft flexibility
  • Ultra-sharp wide gap and custom-made single hook
  • Easy, fast and secure fast attach system
  • Weedless design
  • Hook slot in belly and back
  • Can be fished super-slow to super-fast
  • Casting, jigging
  • Active eyes
  • Perfect for Bass and large wrasse 
  • Great big pike and Zander lure 
  • Lure fanatics top rated

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