Westin Percy The Perch Hybrid Pike Lure

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Color: Crazy Firetiger
Size: 20cm 100g
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The Pike besides it being a natural born killer and king of our waters, a pike is the ultimate fish eating machine, they love to eat other fish, big ones small ones they will eat them! Putting it simply a pike simply loves eating anything that moves – as long as they can be swallowed every fish in the area is seen as a snack. Percy the Perch Hybrid version is designed to be the ultimate prey for those big fish trying to eliminate competition by chomping it. A perch to a pike is a meal, crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle as one great old pike angler used to say. 

This Westin Life-Like-Lure with the cool name Percy the Perch is an amazing down to the smallest detail imitation of real perch. It comes with strong eyelets. Attach your trace to the front eyelet to achieve a shallow running depth or count it down and speed it up for deeper and more aggressive swimming action. The detailed pectoral and pelvic fins has a flapping action in the water and will trigger more bites. Finally the low float buoyancy will make the lure rise slowly towards the surface during a pause in retrieve. This natural looking, giving-up-all-hope action will help you catch more fish. There are few sounds better in pike fishing than the smashing of this super predator's teeth against a hard lure - and Westin will help anglers to hear this beautiful sound with the introduction of a swimbait version of the incredible Westin Percy the Perch. Perfect for trolling and casting, this sinking lure is arguably one of the most realistic imitation perch hybrid baits ever made, triggering the natural predatory instinct of these freshwater crocodiles. Its slow-roll swimming action is exactly the kind of movement that stirs big pike into moving in for the kill. This lure is great for typical, shallow pike waters. A real Lure fanatics favourite

  •  Lead-Free
  •  Japanese-Style #1/0 Carbon Steel Hook • Running Depth: 1-3m
  •  Slide Lock Easy To Change Connection
  •  Life-Like Lure
  •  Full Eyelet-To-Hook Wire Connection
  •  Interior chamber for rattle sticks 
  •  Perfect Big Pike lure
  •  Easy to use hybrid bait

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