Westin Swim Glidebait Suspending Lure Pike Free Postage

Size: 15cm 107g
Colour: Real Roach
Sale price£19.99


Westin Lures Swim Glidebait Suspending Lure 12cm, The original Westin Swim Glidebait is a well established favourite amongst very big pike and the pro guides, who are confident that all of their clients easily can cast and catch fish with it its as simple as that! You can fish this suspending glide bait with pull and wind or on a steady retrieve, slow or fast, to create the action of a wounded, panicking baitfish and the panic can be increased with faster retrieves and regular pauses this is an awesome way to catch pike that have seen it all before. As soon as the reel starts turning the unique S-curve swimming action of the Westin Swim glidebait will give you the very best chance of catching a huge pike.. A wide selection of sizes, sink rates and proven colors makes the Swim a versatile fish-catching machine. Westin Swim your pike catching secret weapon.

During testing for one of the Lure Fanatics team an amazing tally of over 40 pike to 29lb were caught, all using the 12cm Westin glidebait in real roach colour, a real pike magnet if ever we saw one.

  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Lead free
  • Ultra-sharp carbon steel hooks
  • Full wire-through-body construction
  • Long casting design
  • Hand painted detailed
  • Lure fanatics top choice

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