Yum Ned Minnow Floating Lure Pack Of 8

Color: 3" Grey Pearl Black Fleck
Sale price£3.99


Designed to mimic a small baitfish feeding on the bottom, the YUM Ned Minnow provides a realistically sized prey imitation option for your Ned rigs. The YUM Ned Minnow is purposefully designed so the tail floats higher presenting the lure in a head-down feeding position – making it easy prey for predators. The YUM Ned Minnow also excels when drop shotting or vertical jigging.

  • Most realistic Ned Minnow on the market
  • Multiple rigging options - Ned, drop shot or vertical jigging
  • Specially-formulated plastic floats which make the bait stand up to mimic a feeding baitfish

Pack of 8

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