Berkley J Walker 100 Topwater Lure

Size: 10cm 15g
Color: MF Frog
Sale price£12.99


Perfected through endless hours of field testing and countless prototypes the Berkley J-Walker is the ultimate "walk the dog" topwater lure for anglers of all skill levels. The slim profile, tail-weighted design along with the hydrodynamic shape, precision balance point and resting position creates a lures that casts like a bullet, has an easy walking action and most of all catches stacks of fish! Furnished with chemically sharpened, ultra strong Berkley Fusion19 trebles to ensure excellent hook up performance and secure hook holds.

Pro Tip: "The Berkley J-Walker is the ideal lure for all top water scenarios. Twitch your rod tip on a semi-slack line to walk the dog. Fish the J-Walker around shallow cover, submerged grass or across deep water points."

10cm - 15g

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