Berkley Powerbait Sneakshad

Size: 2in/5cm
Colour: Bone Shad
Sale price£9.49


The Berkley Powerbait Sneakshad is an innovative lure designed to target Perch, Zander, and Pike. With the perfect balance of action, weight, and size, this lure excels in dropshot and jig presentations when power fishing. Proven to be successful in a wide variety of conditions, the Berkley Powerbait Sneakshad is an angler’s go-to bait.

The Berkley PowerBait Sneakshad has been designed for cast and retrieve, linear and vertical techniques. It's perfect to fish on a jighead, dropshot rig or Texas hook.


  • Amazing rolling action on slow and fast retrieve
  • Perfect to fish on a jighead or dropshot rig
  • PowerBait formula makes the fish hold on to the bait 18x longer
  • Beautiful, realistic 3d eyes
  • Packs of 6 

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