Gunki Street Fishing Concept Whiz Soft Plastic Lure Perch Zander Free Postage

Size: 5cm - Pack of 12
Colour: Lemon Pepper Ice
Sale price£6.99


Gunki have worked hard to create the perfect imitation of a prey fish and the result is the Gunki Street Fishing Concept Whiz. The silhouette is identical to a small fish, the realistic eye and the rounded pectoral fin are designed to entice predators feeding on fry. The long shad style tail gives off lively but light vibrations that are particuarly attractive to Perch and Zander. The long tail vibrates at the slightest movement which makes the Gunki Street Fishing Concept Whiz perfect for static approaches such as drop shotting. When twitched the whole body starts moving in a tight rolling action making the flanks flash seductively. A great all round lure for finesse style tactics on pressurised venues where bites are tentative and Perch and Zander are focussed on small fry.

5cm - Pack of 12

7.6cm - Pack of 8

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