Gunki Hoverjig Pike Swimming Jig Free Postage

Size: 10g
Colour: Acid Craw - Gold Blade
Sale price£12.95


The Gunki Hoverjig is a swimming jig that has been specially developed for targeting pike. A very effective and under used tactic in the UK, there are times when pike feed on crayfish in snaggy swims around rocks, submerged wood and weedbeds. In these situations the Gunki Hoverjig is THE go to lure! Its specially profiled head is adapted to pass any underwater obstructions and the the weedless skirt, which is long and fine, is the perfect compromise between flexibility (crushing under pressure of a take) and hardness to get around obstacles. Pike are attracted to anything that displaces a lot of water and the combination of natural hair, flashabou and silicone strands that make up the skirt of the Gunki Hoverjig skirt creates maximum volume and add visual flashes and fine vibrations to your lure. Swelling in the water the skirt will also slow down the descent of your lure creating a bigger window for hits on the drop.

Tied with a steel wire for strength and featuring an eyelet on the underside of the head of the jig you have the option of fishing the Gunki Hoverjig with the supplied willow blade for added flash and vibration. Continuing the theme of strength and reliability the size 4/0 (10g model) or 5/0 (14g model) single hook is short and wide to stack the odds in your favour during the fight.

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