Fox Rage Speedflow 2 Compact Landing Net

Size: Compact - 59cm Diameter
Sale price£59.99


The Fox Rage Speedflow II Compact Landing Net is an upgraded design of the original Speedflow nets and has a robust, high quality construction for performance, and great for our unique style of lure fishing in the UK.

The compact size Fox rage speedflow net is built with a rigid and durable frame construction with a retractable handle that will help make the net easier for storage and transporting. The handle is secured using screw mechanism to extend the handle out and to secure in place. The handle end also has a grip for comfort and to give you a secure hold.

The net mesh is tough and durable with a design safe construction for fish and includes a rubber coating. The front lip on the net has a flattened shape which makes it easier for lifting your catch over the net.

The Fox Rage Speedflow II Compact Landing Net has a silver and black colour scheme and includes the Fox Rage colours and logo. The net also comes with a Fox Rage net bag and we have the compact version which has a 59cm diameter.

Lure Fanatics Spec Sheet:

  • Rigid, robust frame construction
  • Retractable handle for easy storage and transportation
  • Rubber-coated, fish-safe mesh
  • Flattened front lip for easy netting
  • Great for lure fishing
  • Compact size - 59cm diameter
  • Handle length: 100cm extends to 155cm

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